Monday October 10th 2022, marked World Mental Health Day.

4th – 6th classes participated in “Feeling Good in Body and Mind” Webinars in the lead up to World Mental Health Day recently. “Understanding your resilience”, Rebooting Your Resilience” and “Having a Kind Mind” were the topics that were covered. It gave us the opportunity to reflect on our own well-being and resilience as well as enhancing it and our mental health for the year ahead.

A zoom call from Crusader’s FC player, Tom Murphy kicked World Mental Health Week off for 6th class last Thursday. He spoke about resilience & gave us all useful tips for dealing with disappointments and moving forward. Some of the important things we learnt from Tom were, hard work beats talent, mistakes don’t define you, be respectful of others, look after your health, do what makes you happy and always work hard and dream big!

6th class really enjoyed the call and had a lot of questions for Tom afterwards.

Many classes enjoyed journaling, mindfulness colouring, meditation, rainbow breaths, nature walks , kindness challenges & creating “ Feel Good Playlists” on Monday to mark World Mental Health Day. We explored what mental health means as well as identifying some of the barriers to mental health. We realised we can’t control all of these barriers so we need to focus on controlling what we can. We realise that, the earlier we can help ourselves to become aware of our own mental health and more importantly, the tools we can use to nurture it, the better.

The Student Council & Amber Flag committee very kindly looked after the staff for World Mental Health Day too & provided them all with self-care tips and coffee vouchers. Go raibh míle maith agaibh go léir!

First class check in every morning to share how we are feeling. Today we also did some ‘rainbow breaths’, mindful colouring and a nature walk!