Green Schools

To date we have earned 7 Green Flags.
 Litter and Waste
 Water
 Energy
 Travel
 Biodiversity
 Global Citizenship – Litter and Waste
 Global Citizenship – Energy

We are currently working towards earning our 8th flag. The theme for this flag is Global Citizen – Marine Environment. In September a new Green-Schools Committee, made up of 8 children from 2nd up to 6th class, was established and they will be working over the course of the next two years to raise awareness about the Marine Environment throughout the school and in our local community. Let us all work together to achieve number 8!!!

Ms. O’Keeffe’s 1st Class are taking part in the Seakeepers Junior project this year. As part of the project they will be learning about lots of different Irish Marine animal and plant species. The first animal we looked at was the amazing basking shark.

Ms. Gowen’s 1st Class we’re learning about marine litter and water pollution. They did there own water pollution investigation and made some fantastic observations about how marine litter can harm marine life.

The children in 2nd class have been learning about the sources of marine litter and the harm it is having on marine life. They made these fantastic posters to raise awareness of the issue.

As part of the Seakeepers project 1st Class were learning about a type of seaweed called Bladderwrack.