Our School

Watergrasshill National School is situated about 10 km from the city of Cork , Ireland, in the village of Watergrasshill. Over the past 25 years our school has grown quite considerably going from 136 pupils in 1999 to 426 today. We are a state funded school and we cater for children aged 4-12 years, both boys and girls. We have 23 teachers and 11 Special Needs Assistants. Our teaching staff is made up of 17 class teachers, 1 Special Class teacher (Autistic Unit – Watercress), 6 Special Education Needs teachers, a secretary and a Principal. The school follows the national curriculum as set out by the Department of Education and Skills. We employ a number of teaching strategies throughout the school (team teaching, station teaching, withdrawal, reverse integration) and we are always looking for new and innovative ways to provide our pupils with a holistic education. Along with our Special Class (Watercress) we have a number of children with special needs (physical, emotional and educational) in our mainstream classes. Our school makes every effort to include all children in all school activities and the onus is on all the staff to facilitate and ensure that this happens. The children are also afforded the opportunity to partake in Soccer, Football, Camogie, Hurling, Basketball and Drama as well as other extra curricular activities.