Halloween Aistear / Dress-up: We learned all about Halloween and how we celebrate it in Ireland. We also learned about how other cultures and countries celebrate the festival including China, America and Belgium! On Friday 23rd of October, we dressed up in our spookiest Halloween costumes and enjoyed a day of fun and games!

Our first week of Aistear was learning all about me! We made really cool art using pictures from our first day of school and pictures of when we were babies.

We learned all about different types of homes and the story of “The Three Little Pigs”. We built the three homes from the story in the Small World station, we used play dough and play dough mats to make different parts of the story and even used different materials like pasta and matchsticks for “Three Little Pigs” art work!

During the season of Autumn, lots of different changes happen and we learned that the days get shorter and the weather turns colder. We also learned that the leaves start falling from trees and change into different autumnal colours of red, green, orange, yellow and brown. We investigated different autumn leaves and even made some really cool leaf rubbings!!