Mr. Murphy’s 6th class conducting an experiment for Science Week! Also, Ava Warren in this class drew a fantastic picture for Science Week! Maith thú Ava!

In Ms. English’s 3rd class, the children had lots of fun shaking cream to turn it into butter and butter milk. The children tasted the butter after the experiment.

Ms. Fitzgerald’s second class investigated separating colours (chromatography) for science week.

Ms. O’Keeffe’s senior infants were busy conducting experiments for Science Week!!

For Science Week Ms. Warner’s first class analysed an aerial photo of our school and discussed features we would like to build or add to our school grounds to improve our well-being. We brainstormed ways to improve our physical and mental well-being and then we worked in groups to write and draw our ideas. We marked the location of our project on the aerial map. We then got building using Lego, cubes, Kinects or play doh. We came up with great ideas and had a lot of fun. Later in the week we went outside to identify trees and mini-beasts in our school environment.