Swimming has begun with children from 3rd and 4th classes travelling to Fermoy Swimming Complex every Thursday for the next six weeks. The children are divided into groups where they learn the different strokes for swimming.

All classes from 1st to 6th class will get the opportunity to go swimming.

Swimming LessoN by ShaNNagh WhelaN 4th Class

We all went swimming for six weeks. We went on Thursdays. The pool was split into sections. I was in the last section. We learned how to do the breast stroke properly and we played a game where the teacher called out a word and if it was the right word we had to jump in. I came second in it. We also went down to the very end of the pool and got a choice to do the doggy paddle all the way across or to do a duck dive to the end of the pool and swim all the way across to the other side.

For the first five Fridays we had a girl as our instructor but on the last day we had a boy instructor. On the last day we were allowed to buy sweets and a fizzy drink. I loved going to swimming lessons!!!

Swimming LessoNs by Sarah O' SullivaN 4th Class

We went swimming for 6 weeks every Thursday. We went to Fermoy swimming pool. The pool was divided into four parts. I was in the third part of the pool with Hannah, Leah, Jessica, Lauren, Shauna and Phoebe. Everyday when we went to the pool we would go straight to the changing rooms and then waited by the gate that leads to the pool. Then we sat on a small wall and waited for our instructors to tell us to get into the pool. Every week we were shown a different by the instructors. At the end of the lessons we went back onto the bus and went back to school. We love swimming!!!!