Comenius is part of the European Community's Lifelong Learning Programme, which was launched in 2007. It seeks among other goals, to promote co-operation and mobility, and to strengthen the European dimension in education. Comenius addresses school education and is guided by two overall objectives. It seeks to develop knowledge and understanding among young people and educate staff of the diversity of European cultures and languages, and the value of this diversity. And it aims to help young people to acquire basic life skills and competences for their personal development, for future employment and for active European citizenship.

Watregrasshill N.S. is currently involved in a European Partnership with three other primary schools.

The theme of our Comenius Project is "Stories from our Grandparents". Over the two year project we hope to explore with the children and share with our partners events and stories of Christmas past and present, sports unique to each country/region, calendars of events and locations, a dictionary of phrases, projects on where we live and how we lived, a shared website to display our work and a school council.

Stories from our GraNdpareNts past

"Where I live stories" in Ireland can be found here. On a farm. Housing Estate.In the countryside

Stories from our Grandparents past in Ireland can be found here. 3rd Class. 4th Class. 5th Class. 6th Class.

Pictures of Grandparents Day in Ireland can be found here..

Fables of our past in Ireland can be found here.The Boyhood of Fionn. The Children of Lir.The Children of Lir 2

Stories from our Grandparents past in London can be found here.

Stories from our Grandparents past in Spain can be found here.