Junior Infants 2018 - 2019

A massive congratulations to Caoimhe Hurley in Mrs. Hickey's class who won a medal over the weekend!! Well done Caoimhe, we are all so proud of you!!

Both Junior Infant classes went to visit the Post Office recently to learn about sending a letter. We sent a letter to Santa Claus!!!

Mrs. Hickey

We read the story “ Girls can do anything” for International Women’s Day!

We were experimenting with different materials for Engineers Week!

We had delicious pancakes for Pancake Tuesday! YUMMY!!

We were at the vets in Aistear and we also had Talent Show Friday!!

We went on a number 3 hunt and we found the number and the word in many places throughout the school!

We had great fun with construction during Aistear and Billy even made a back roller!!!!

We had great fun decorating our tree, reading Christmas stories and having fun in Mrs. Hickey's class!!!

Science Investigations

We looked at dancing raisins and also investigated which ball was the bounciest!

Handa's Surprise

The Number 2

Tennis Skills!

This week Junior Infants practised their tennis skills during their P.E.

Science Week 2018

Teacher's Birthday

We had a cake for teacher's birthday!

Junior Infants Started Blending Nov 2018

Hospital Aistear Nov 2018

Making the Number 1

Halloween Fun 2018

Halloween Aistear Oct 2018

Finding Shapes in the Playground Oct 2018

Patterns Oct 2018

Ipad Fun Oct 2018

Ms. O'Leary

We worked on our engineering for Engineer's Week.

We made and ate yummy pancakes on Pancake Tuesday!!

We had great fun doing Aistear - Construction. We made loads of buildings and cars!

We are working on number 3 and we went on a number 3 hunt throughout the school and we found the number and the word in many places!

Ms. O' Leary's Class

We made bird feeders!!

We've been learning about the number 4 and went on a hunt around the school looking for the number, word and sets of four.

Ms. O'Leary's class had a great time in the Halla running relay races!! 

Sorting Fun Sept 2018

Great Fun Making Patterns in Junior Infants Sept 2018