Fourth Class 2018-2019

4th class love having a regular quiz through the use of the school Ipads. Kahoot is a great app to make quizzes and allow the children to see their progress on the Interactive Whiteboard.

Claire and Noreen from DePuy were back again on Wednesday morning. The class were really excited to see them and also excited to learn what they would be doing. The class got the opportunity through 'Lego' to construct their robots. It was fantastic for them as they got to use the Lego, work in teams and had to follow the instructions carefully step by step. It was a really exciting morning and a great start to the day. We look forward to next week already.

There was great excitement in 4th class on Wednesday morning, the 16th January when Claire and Noreen from DePuy began their 8 week programme with the class. The children were fascinated when given an introduction to some of the work that is carried out in DePuy. Each small group had the use of their own laptop and they learned about programming, various sensors and other equipment that they use. It was very practical. It was only the first week but the class can't wait until next Wednesday again.