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Feeding Time at Fota. By Sarah Casey 4th Class

On Monday the 4th class went to Fota. We saw behind the scenes in the kitchen. Let me tell you a bit about it.

First the lady in the kitchen was showing us the meat fridges. Inside there was loads of meat for the tigers, lions and cheetahs. She put the meat on a wire so the lions, tigers and cheetahs could run after the meat.

Then she told us about the monkey’s food. She put he food in a tube so the monkey’s can figure out how to get the food.

After she told us about portion size and the different foods. You should never give loads of food to any animal or no food at all because they will just feel weak and sick. She also puts labels on the buckets of food, so she will know which is which.

I think we all had a good time at Fota and I really feel the animals eat better than us humans.


Halloween 2016