Fifth Class 2018 - 2019


Ms. Duggan has kindly offered to teach Yoga to Mrs. O'Reilly's 5th class! They had two sessions before Christmas and have four sessions after Christmas. The class really enjoy it and can see and feel the benefits of Yoga! A big thank you to Ms. Duggan for giving up her time!!

Christmas Wreaths

On Wednesday 19th December, Mrs. O'Reilly's class made and decorated beautiful wreaths. The children were delighted with their work. They did a fantastic job! Well done everyone!!

Normans Project

Mrs. O'Reilly's class did a project in pairs on the Normans using the iPads. Each pair then presented their project to the rest of the class with the use of the Interactive Whiteboard! Well done to you all for completing fabulous projects! 

Fifth class Trip to the Lifetime Lab

Science Week in Fifth