Yesterday, the 17th of June, our class went on a school tour to Kartworld. This was a nice surprise as last year, in 5th class, we never got to go on one. We arrived to the car park, our designated meeting spot, at 10am. after waiting outside the centre, we got escorted inside where we were split into 3 groups of 11. Group 1 would go Karting, Group 2 would get briefed on Karting and the third group would do archery. I was put into Group 1. We were brought to an area to get instructed and to get the equipment on. The karts were small and easy to operate. Your left foot would be resting on a red pedal, for stop, and your right foot was on a green pedal, for go. After a quick test run, we we were allowed to race. All be it nerve racking, you get used to the car and the noise after a few laps and I was able to enjoy the race. After about 30 laps, we were brought to a stop and were given a green piece of paper which showed us our race position, your average speed, the amount of laps you did and your average speed.

After this, we were brought to the field for archery. We were told how to hold the bow properly and not to shoot someone in the eye!! We grabbed a handful of arrows and placed them in our holder. We shot at the targets, I admit, holding a bow and shooting is pretty hard and by the end of it, my hands were sore. There was a prize for getting the bullseye, my friend Jennifer hit one and got her prize – “The Gift of Satisfaction”. After archery, we had our lunch on the benches outside the centre. It was nice to get a break and relax after the morning’s activities.

After lunch, it was time to go to laser tag. We were now split up into boys and girls. The girls would begin with laser tag and the boys would do puzzles. We were provided fake guns which had a button to restore ammo and a screen to display the amount of ammo and health we had. We were also given a headband with four transparent domes emitting a flashing light the colour of your team. The first round was every man for themselves and was relatively easy to play. You had to get as many players out as possible while trying to stay “alive”. We were then brought to a bigger course. It had lots of barrels and hiding places along a bridge. This time were in our teams playing a game similar to capture the flag. You had to shoot a tube and whoever shot it first, the colour of the tube would change to that team’s colour. Whoever gets the tube to stay one colour for five minutes wins the game!

Finally, my group went to the puzzles area. We all had to balance on a board for two seconds, walk on a plank and balance a tennis ball on two tubes. It was then 2 o’clock and it was time to go home. I really enjoyed my day and I would definitely go back!

By: Niamh Atkins